Why you should pursue an Accounting degree

Jul 12, 2021 • By Frances Harriet Lim

Confused about which career path to take? This blog will explain to you the benefits of pursuing an accounting degree.


As we get older, we are often faced with big and important questions in our lives such as, “What career should I pursue?” or “What should I do in my life?”. There might be too much stress and pressure in deciding the perfect course to take since you’re concerned that you may not be intelligent or suitable enough for a particular course. I too have experienced the same career confusion; however, I decided to take up the course Accountancy for the following reasons that I think you should consider:

1. Accountancy doesn’t require you to be a genius.
A lot of people may tell you that accounting is difficult, but it actually isn’t! You only have to know the four basic operations of mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). And even if you’re not that good at these, then the accountants’ reliance on calculators, spreadsheets, and accounting software is surely good news for you!

2. Accountancy offers various career options.
Most accounting students would take the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Exam so that their chances of working in a big firm would increase. However, whether or not you may pass, there are still various options that you can take. You can be a bookkeeper, an auditor, a budget analyst, a risk analyst, or even an educator. 

3. Accountancy opens doors to any industry.
Given that accounting is referred to as the language of business, there is always a need for accounting no matter what type of business it may be. May it be in the entertainment industry, education, manufacturing, technology, or hospitality industry, you will have the opportunity to work and share your accounting knowledge and skills since they need that knowledge to operate their businesses. So no matter how difficult finding a job may seem, you can always look for a job in other industries.

4. Accountants have the potential to earn high salaries.
If you are a practical person, you would surely choose Accountancy to achieve financial stability. Although the starting salary for accountants in the Philippines is not that appealing, it will surely gradually increase as your experience, credentials, and skills improve. You also have the option to go abroad to acquire more appealing salaries.

5. Accountants have good knowledge regarding finance and business.
If being an employee does not suit you, then having an accountancy degree would still be beneficial to you especially if you decide to establish your own business. Your accounting background will help you utilize your resources well and achieve good financial performance in your business. Moreover, this will help you avoid any frauds from occurring since you are capable of handling the finances of the business. Accounting knowledge could also help you in investing or trading.

Surely, obtaining an accounting degree will provide you with the appropriate skills and knowledge that will be beneficial if you ever decide to go into the corporate world.


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